His Dark Sun
Moth Publishing (2019)

London, 2022. The heat is rising and things are reaching boiling point. As the world struggles to catch up to its new climate, nineteen-year-old Luke Spargo believes hes the only one who understands whats really happening to the sun and if hes right, hes the only one who can stop it.
But Lukes childhood demons are closing in. With the arrival of vibrant, turbulent Fee, the precarious balance of Lukes life shifts irrevocably; as the endless heatwave presses in and his secrets begin to spiral out of control, Luke must confront the terrible price of protecting them.

How Do You Sleep?
Comma Press (2015) e-book anthology

Matter 7
Sheffield Hallam University 2011 anthology
(short story contributor)

What We Were Thinking Just Before the End
Green Press 2009 anthology
(short story/poem contributor)

Harlem River Blues
The Fish Anthology 2008 anthology
(Micro fiction winner)

The Monkey’s Typewriter
2005 anthology won Arts Council Community Publishing Award
(short story/poem contributor)